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Bar Mitzvah Lifecycle


What Aish Provides in the Bar Mitzvah Program

  • Informational meeting for Bar Mitzvah parents
  • Group classes with the Rabbi
  • Connect students with a tutor who will teach them how to read prayers in Hebrew and how to lain their Parasha
  • Assistance with Dvar Torah (Bar Mitzvah speech preparation)
  • Meet with the Rabbi and the family to coordinate aliyot, speeches, and other details a month before the ceremony
  • Teach Bar Mitzvah boys how to wrap Tefillin and wear a Tallit, along with the proper prayers for the Tefilin
  • Yad Vashem Mexico: Or LeAmi Program - each Bar Mitzvah boy will be paired with a boy who perished in the Holocaust, learning about him and dedicating their Bar Mitzvah in his honor
  • Provide Torah and Siddurim (Parents are responsible for taking them to the Bar Mitzvah venue and later returning them)


Expectations of Boys and Their Families

  • Commitment to attend services (at least 6 services per semester)
  • All Bar Mitzvah boys are expected to participate in Kabbalat Shabbat services
  • All Bar Mitzvah boys are expected to prepare a Dvar Torah to be included as part of their speech
  • Participate in learning their Parasha and prayers in Hebrew



  • 1 Year before the Bar Mitzvah: Reach out to AISH SD to add your child’s Bar Mitzvah celebration date to the calendar
  • 1 Year before the Bar Mitzvah: Start working on preparing prayers and Torah reading.
  • 1 year prior to the Bar Mitzvah: Join the Bar Mitzvah program in order to complete 2 semesters of the program (recommended)
  • 6 months prior to the Bar Mitzvah: Order a pair of Tefillin 
  • 6 months prior to the Bar Mitzva: Begin planning the Bar Mitzvah and schedule one-on-one meetings with the Rabbi to plan and work on the Dvar Torah speech
  • 2 months prior to Bar Mitzvah: Attend weekday Shacharit minyanim, especially on Mondays and Thursdays, to practice laying Tefillin and become familiar with the service
  • 2 months prior to Bar Mitzvah: List honors such as Aliyot etc to be given out during the Bar Mitzvah. A list of honors will be provided 



  • Does seating at the Bar Mitzvah service have to be separate? Yes.
  • Which Aliyah will the Bar Mitzvah boy receive? Cohen receives the first Aliyah, Levy receives the second Aliyah, and Yisrael receives the third Aliyah. If the Bar Mitzvah service is on Shabbat, then any Aliyah beginning with the third will be ok.
  • Which parts of the prayer is the Bar Mitzvah boy expected to lead? Each boy according to his ability. Usually Baruch Sheamar, Ashrei, and Shema.
  • What type of candy may be thrown during the service? Kosher soft candy e:g Sunkist individually wrapped fruit gems.



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