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High Holidays

High Holidays Tickets 2022 / 5783
Includes Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.
For members, non-members and guests.
Tickets included in membership for Aish members.
Immediate family members living in the same household or who are still students can register under same Aish membership. Any other Parents, Children, and Guests need to purchase their tickets as non-members.

Please select your tickets
High Holiday tickets are included in your membership. Immediate Family living in the same household and still students. Any other Parents, Children, Grandchildren and Guest need to purchase their tickets as non-members.

If you wish to purchase guest tickets please fill the bottom part of this form and proceed to payment.

Please tally the TOTAL people attending
Please share the names of attendees
Please share with us the following:
Number of Men (12+)
Number of Women (13+)
Number of Children 2-6 yrs
Number of Children 6-12 yrs
Please click Register and you will be taken to the Payment Selection Window where you can select your form or payment and enter your credit card information.

A confirmation email will be sent.
Your tickets will be sent via email.
We look forward to celebrating the High Holidays with you.
Fri, December 2 2022 8 Kislev 5783