Rabbinical Leadership


Aish San Diego is blessed to have the collective wisdom of our Rabbi’s for the benefit of our community


Rabbi Mimoun Miller MMiller@aishsd.com

Rabbi Ricki Vigon rvigon@aishsd.com



Aish San Diego has an incredibly committed group of volunteers who work tirelessly for our community


Rebbetzin Sarah Vigon
Marketing / Communications


Jackie Cohen


Merle Gaylis




Our organization operates under the stewardship of the Board, Rabbi’s and Community Volunteers to appropriately apply the collective generosity of our community towards growing our vibrant community and proud legacy together, centered around a shul, events, programs and holidays that embrace the unique backgrounds of our community.


Executive Committee*

  • Michel Cohen

  • Yoel Galante**

  • Arturo Gerson

  • Tammy Litke

  • Rachelle Rosin

  • Reuben Artenstein

  • Darren Youngleson

Board of Directors

  • Benny Buzali

  • Mitch Danzig

  • Uri Feldman

  • Alberto Galante

  • Josh Gross

  • Margaret Levick

  • Isaac Michan

  • Gabriel Sidauy

  • Stuart Starr

Board of Trustees*

  • Isaac Calderon

  • Isaac Engel

  • Brendan Gaylis

  • Samuel Michan

  • Benjamin Vilenski


*All Board Members
**Board Secretary